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Max aop posted Sun at 10:07

Hello Again!

I would like to inform you on some changes to Pure Realms Factions.

Firstly, alt accounts are now ALLOWED in your factions; however you may not create a secondary faction which consists of alts to help protect your primary factions base (for example).

Secondly, you are now able to RAID in the END. This is now possible through using cannons as there is a bedrock floor at the bottom of the end.

I hope you all are pleased by this little update, if you have any suggestions of things we could change in the future please feel free to make a forum post of send me or any staff member a message in-game :)

All the best!


AverageRei So..... when's freebuild?
hihello15 So i think that its safe to say skyblock is not coming back
KingLink1166 Is the voting system fixed?


Max aop posted Jul 8, 17

Hello players,

I hope you are all pleased with the successful launch and reboot of Pure Realms Factions, and that all is settling well! Because of this, I deem it fit to let you, the community, know who the staff are on Factions, along with some promotions! 

Bhockey87 ---> Helper

Rainbowkatzchen ---> Helper

aarbra ---> Helper

PandaShmanda_ ---> Helper

ImAnt ---> Helper (Welcome Back!)

Bantr ---> Mod

RelatableTeen ---> Mod

kingmanithelord ---> Admin

PrinceAlii ---> Admin

Phantom06 ---> Admin

Can all new staff please message me on the forums so I can get you underway :D

Thank you to EVERYONE who applied! If you where unsuccessful with your application this time around, you will be able to re-apply within a couple of weeks. Please do [here] :)

- Max

Skullblaze56 Congratulations, and those who did not make it, do not give up.
hihello15 Hey llama


ThatLlamaGuy aownero posted Jul 6, 17

Hello Pure Realms Players!

I am sorry I have not been making rapid updates, I have been home visiting family. 

As far as progress goes we have brought Factions up as many people have seen and have already fixed many bugs. Park is working on bringing Skyblock up and then shortly after I get home we will work on restoring Freebuild! Once Freebuild is up we will work on Advertising and bringing the much desired Survival back online!

I am sorry if I have made a promise to anyone and not followed through or forgotten. I have been fairly busy but if you remind me what you needed done in the comments below I will do my best to get it done! 

Happy Playing

Make Pure Realms Great Again!

HunterDL just to be sure, all previous ranks on survival WILL be restored right?
The_Fallen_Star whats the survival server ip
Maturely Awesome

FACTIONS 2v2 Tournament

Max aop posted Jul 4, 17
Hi guys,

As it has been a long await for Pure realms Factions server to re-open, we are hosting a 1v1 tournament requested by you, the players. This event will start at 1.30pm EST so be prepared. We will start the match fixtures at 1:40pm EST after all the contestants have arrived on the server. If you do not turn up to the event at this time, you will be disqualified. You can watch the event at /warp spectate1,2 or 3 if you wish to. The event was decided today therefore we were unable to plan for the kits being able to be used without having bought the kit. I apologise, however you will be using kit starter for the event.

The reward will be kit faction items and kit farm items since it being start of the world and we don't want to give out an overpowered prize. You can check out the bracket here

Comment your name below to participate. The tournament will begin 2 hours after this post going up. Good luck and have fun everyone.
- Factions Team
Josh_DP Max would be nice if you didnt reban for 7days
Brandonwho BrandonWho + hersheymc
Ant ImAnt and Fout

Here is the full changelog for Pure Realms Factions. Please report any and all bugs/glitches to me- because I know there's probably loads. 

Everything in green has been completed. Everything in red is on its way :)

I'm going to continuously update this post, so check back often.

+ New Spawn

+ New Shop

+ Altered the vote crate, and changed Legendary crate -> Mystic Crate

+ World border is now 7000 in each direction from spawn.

+ New PvP Arena

+ The server is now running 1.11.2, but you can now join on 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11.

+ PvP now works as it did in 1.7. For those playing on 1.7, you will have the same pvp experience as you did in the
   past, and if you are on any other version, the attack delay has been removed and damage has been re-adjusted. In
   short- PvP is as close as 1.7 as I could possibly make it :)

- Removed AuctionHouse and added back the old chat-style auction. This change was made so players will see
   every item that is being sold (increasing bids), and so you can sell more items at once (like full inventories of

- Disabled the use of the auction during combat

- Disabled the offhand for 1.9+.

+ Obsidian will break with 5 hits of TNT

- Disable Chorus fruit for 1.9+

- Disable Elytra

+ Added back Chest sorting with sticks

+ Faction player limit is 15. 

+ Alts are not allowed in factions

+ The combat tag is 30 seconds. Don't log out ;)

+ Factions have a cap of 5 allies, and 15 truces.

+ Cannons have been reverted to work how they did in 1.7!

+ Added back Lockpicks. There is a chance that you can unlock locked chests with the use of a golden hoe! 

+ Added death signs

+ Fixed armor damage to how it was pre-1.8

+ Removed the requirement for blaze powder in brewing stands

+ Removed the requirement for lapis in enchantment tables

+ Added ItemFilters. /filter, /filter toggle, /filter edit.

+ Re-added the ability to set homes in enemy territory

+ Disable shields & their recipes.

+ Added back /ontime

+ Added back Lift Signs

+ New /warp town

+ New Server Icon

- Removed /wild so players must walk to explore! 

+ New Management (lol, sorry I had to)

+ Added Pure Realms Ban Record website (view it in the tab at the top of the page)

+ Added /kit factions to the shop!

+ Added /kit farm to the shop!

+ Fixed /chest

+ Fixed /craft

+ Added back mobcatcher (This includes creeper eggs) (coming very soon)

+ Fixed voting websites (coming very soon)

+ Added Factions top (coming very soon)

+ Added leaderboards at spawn (coming very soon)

+ Added KoTH Crate (coming very soon)

+ Added Head bounty system (coming very soon)

More changes coming soon, please keep suggesting them on the forums!

Thank you for playing on Pure Realms

Jiguz So whats coming up next?
Vqrzide add /fly Must be emerald+ and cant use in warzone or in combat.
kell Nice :d
I will be posting an update on everything soon. Thank you for being patient!
Factions Server is currently being whitelisted! Stay tuned for updates!
Fixed a few issues with the network crashing. Should be good to go.
Teleporting will take you to the exact block you set home, instead of trying to find the safest location to do so. This should eliminate all teleportation glitching.
Fixed chests exploding, brewing stands exploding, chest locking, and a few raiding patches. If you lock 1 chest, all connected chests will automatically be locked as well.
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