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Chest Shop Enhancements

dwgr8ergolfer aa posted Tue at 14:53

Hello everyone!

I have another exciting update for Skyblock.

Chest Shop Enhancements

The Chest Shop system is being completely reworked on Skyblock! This means the old outdated Chest Shop plugin will soon be gone. It will be replaced with an enhanced one allowing for easier shop creation, deletion, and management. On top of this the new shops look incredible and are significantly easier to read than signs.

As an extra bonus you will NOT have to convert any of your old shops! I will convert all of them automatically at the same time :)

The update will happen tonight anywhere from 6-7pm EST. 

UPDATE ==> I converted all of the shop I could but most could not be converted because there is a block or sign above the chest. If you have a sign or block above your chest you will have to manually convert it yourself!

To create shop with the new plugin type /shop create <amount> <buyprice> <sellprice> while holding the item you want to sell. Then click on a chest. You must convert all of your shops as they will soon not work anymore!

Thanks for playing and I hope you are all enjoying these updates!

-dwgr8ergolfer (Golfer)

thecliffes I see my shop in the background :d, also nice update skyblock is coming along really well
mcculloughm @ PURE REALMS - SKYBLO...
Shop chests that had multiple items and multiple signs from the old shop are now messed up. I can't get rid of the...
CocaCola Good job staff team! Can't wait to try it out, I am excited for the other fun updates you guys have planned

Cosmetics Implemented!

dwgr8ergolfer aa posted Mon at 14:41

Hello everyone!

I am excited to tell you cosmetics have been fully implemented on Skyblock as promised. Use the command "/gadgets" to view the cosmetic menu. Here you will see all cosmetics and which ones are avalaible to you. You can select a cosmetic to equip it from the menu.

There are 7 different kinds of cosmetics. They are Gadgets, Pets, Mounts, Morphs, Hats, Suits, Particles, and Emotes.

Diamond Ranks have permanent access to Mounts, Pets, and Emotes!

Obsidian Ranks have permanent access to Gadgets, Morphs, and Particles!

Hats and Suits can be aquired from completing the "Tailor" Skyblock challenge. 

Along with this I have also added Elemental Crates as rewards to certain Skyblock challenges!!!

A few new Master challenges have been added as well.

Thanks for playing. I hope you are all enjoying these updates :)

-dwgr8ergolfer (Golfer)

Melbabobelba help for some reason i cant log on can you help me??
Parker The Dummy Sooo..... Freebuild?
shaggytheclown Cool update for skyblock but what about Factions? We have no /chest, Lock signs are still broke/broke again, cannons onl...