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9gigsofram Introduction

9gigsofram a posted Mar 9, 17

    Hello to the Pure Realms Community, my name is 9gigsofram and I am taking over the role as Owner of the Pure Realms Network. My primary and most important goal right now is to get the servers back online and data restored. I will then look to build up the network's player bases and player counts like they once used to be, and we can all work together to help the network blossom like it once used to.    

    We have moved the networks servers to a location closer to you, our players, to the EAST COAST of the US instead of the old location of Canada. This means the latency will be better, therefore making gameplay more enjoyable :) . Due to the recent situation the server has been in, I have also gone to upgrade our antiddos system. Advertisements will be set up very soon, as we look to bring in new players as well as cater for the loyal players the network already has.    

    Now, when the servers are successfully back online, ALL PLAYERS WILL KEEP THEIR RANKS - so don’t worry about that, there will be no changes with this. We are working our hardest to restore all servers without major loss of in-game items, however when they are back online some will be reset as they need it. There will also be large network changes and bug fixing coming all of your ways soon :)     

    More about me, I have 6 years of experience with sysadmin, and have also worked for and owned popular servers in the past. At the moment, for my day job I install and upgrade servers in a local datacenter, alongside running proxypipe.com, a ddos mitigation company specializing in minecraft servers antiddos (which I have installed for the network) that has a peak concurrent player count of over 50,000 players.

    I just want to let you all know that everything is going to be okay and be sorted very soon. Thank you all for being so patient with everything, it’ll be worth the wait I promise you that :D .

I’ll keep you all updated, make sure you check back here for updates and if you have any questions be sure to comment below! :D


Your Owner


  • 9gigsofram

sam vickers I would like my money back if ur not going put up the servers
sam vickers i'ts disappointed that it is taking OVER A MONTH to put servers up
Maturely Can you make a Roblox server instead thanks

Hello everyone,


I'm going to start off this long post with a little history and backstory of Pure Realms. Six years ago, I was just an ordinary player who joined a Minecraft server that was known as LegendaryPVP. It was the first multiplayer server that I have ever joined, and I instantly fell in love with it. After playing on there for almost two years the owners of LegendaryPVP started another Minecraft network and completely abandoned their other servers. I spent hundreds of hours playing on that server, and the owners threw it away like it was nothing to them. Most of my friends that I met through Minecraft quit after LegendaryPVP was disbanded, but I decided to take a different route. 

In August of 2012 with the help of my friend at the time, 2BeastMode, I launched my server called Havoc Prison. I started this server to provide players with a fun place to play where the owner would always be involved and would never give up on the server. I advertised my new server to a bunch of my friends from LegendaryPVP and started to grow a small player base from there. Eventually I was approached by Avor (Four_Down) and he offered his technical skills to me to assist with Havoc Prison. In November of 2012 I decided to transform Havoc Prison into a Factions server under the new name Pure Realms PVP. Avor focused on maintaining the in-game and technical side of things while I focused on the community, advertising, and server growth. By April of 2013, Pure Realms PVP had hundreds of players online and was ranked one of the top 20 Minecraft servers in the world. We began to launch more servers (Survival was the second) and they began to grow faster than I ever anticipated. 

I was spending all my free time on Pure Realms, and I was forgetting to focus on my own personal life. During my senior year of high school I decided to take some time away from Pure Realms to focus on myself for a little while. I was still active enough to advertise the server and keep up with the bills that were due while Avor and FatherSouth maintained the server. Eventually my inactivity led Avor and FatherSouth to start their own Minecraft server, so they could have control over the certain aspects that I was not able to focus on during my time away. This is when Pure Realms began to decline because no one was around to maintain it. I had been sending Avor payments each month as a "thank you" for helping me manage Pure Realms. When the servers began to decline, I had to use the money that I usually send to him to keep the servers running. Back then it costed $1,700 for Pure Realms' hosting services and DDoS protection. Other expenses included advertising, which amounted to as much as $3,500 during some months. When you hear people saying that "I owe Four_Down thousands of dollars", that is the situation that they are referring to. I did not spend a single dollar of the money that Pure Realms made until everything was paid for entirely and more.

Last December I made an arrangement with FatherSouth to throw together an update for the Freebuild server, in return for some of the donations that Pure Realms had. During that month, I spent too much money on advertising to grow Pure Realms than I could afford, and I was not able to give FatherSouth the full amount. I was only a teenager back then and I was clueless about how actual business concepts and models worked. I was way in over my head at that point. That caused FatherSouth to leave Pure Realms. 

About one year ago I brought in Ivo to be the community manager for Pure Realms, along with his close friend Gyroninja to work on the development of Pure Realms. Unfortunately, Gyroninja did not have the time to consistently help us run PR so he dropped out. Ivo took over the development of the servers, even though he did not have much experience with it. In only a few months Ivo and I had Pure Realms on the rise again. We were consistently hitting 100-200 players, and we were growing steadily. Towards the end of this past summer I had started to talk to Avor and FatherSouth again. I ended up giving them another chance to develop Pure Realms with me. However, this meant I had to remove Ivo from the development team in order to satisfy the financial needs of Avor and FatherSouth. We began to plan updates for all the servers to keep up with Pure Realms' recent growth. After a few weeks with no updates, bug fixing, or active development for Pure Realms, I began to worry. A month or two went by and there still were not any updates for the servers. I began to lose all the progress that Ivo and I had worked on for six months because Avor and FatherSouth never held up their side of the arrangement. During the six months that Ivo was here, Pure Realms raised thousands of dollars in donations. Every single dollar of that was put back into the network which resulted in our incredible progress. By delaying the updates after their return, Avor and FatherSouth costed Pure Realms all the money that Ivo and I had invested back into it. 

For the past few months I have been trying to grow and improve Pure Realms once again with the help of Park and Sano. I currently have a real job that consumes over 20 hours of my time each week. Along with that I am a full-time college student, and my studies are currently my main focus alongside Pure Realms. I spent all my available free time to coordinate updates with Park and Sano. I also monitored and moderated the website, the forums, new players and issues that all our players experienced. I ran advertisements and monitored those every day as well. All the players and staff who gave into the recent rumors have been deceived by Park. He promoted these rumors to everyone as a way to slander both myself and Pure Realms. This was so he could take control of the community and player base to then profit off of the players in his own twisted way. After Park and Sano destroyed all of the servers on Pure Realms, Sano informed me that his plugins have backdoors or “rats” in them which allowed him to exploit the servers even after his so-called resignation.

In some sense these rumors are true, and there is no sense in denying that. However, what people are spreading around is a twisted and exaggerated version of what actually happened. I have done my best to explain most of these rumors with the backstory of Pure Realms that you just read above. If you have any other questions about what happened, you are welcome to message me right here on the website for an explanation. I won't trouble the community with Park's nonsense any further. 

I have always wanted the best for Pure Realms, and I have never once imagined myself typing out this post. I have spent thousands of hours over the past five years working and playing on Pure Realms. Something that I once enjoyed so much has now become a chore for me. I do not want to log on each day to handle hostile players yelling at me through the internet over things they do not understand. I did not start Pure Realms to have players harass and bully each other every day. The friendly, fun and safe environment that I once enjoyed along with everyone else has now been destroyed by the people I trusted the most. I have always had the best intentions for Pure Realms, but suddenly everyone is working against me for reasons that I will never be able to understand. I am hereby resigning from my position as Owner of Pure Realms. I am deeply sorry and apologize to anyone who still believes in Pure Realms. I am currently planning to make sure that Pure Realms has a proper future and will be properly maintained during my permanent absence. I will do my best to hop onto the servers from time to time to check in and talk to everyone. It was an absolute pleasure working with all my staff members before half of them turned against me. The staff team played a significant role in the growth and advancement of Pure Realms, and I will always appreciate the dedication and support that most of you brought to the team. I will always recall the fun times I had with players back when I had more time to spend on the servers in-game. All of you together made this experience over the past five years absolutely incredible, and I wish all of you the best of luck and joy in your future endeavors. 

This is not the end of PR. I am passing on ownership of Pure Realms to a friend of mine that I have been associated with for years now. He is a talented systems administrator and is skilled in a variety of technical areas. He will be posting an introduction that will include some of his plans and intentions for Pure Realms soon. For any players that remain loyal to Pure Realms, please show your new owner how amazing all of you are. I am sure that there will be a lot of wonderful things in store for you. 


And as always, for the final time...

Thank you for playing on Pure Realms,

- Preston (Former Owner of Pure Realms)

AverageRei Have fun in life dude!
JrodJaguar Preston, It's been a pleasure. The best of luck to you in your future endeavors. We appreciated all the hours and h...
sam vickers Um is the server going be up soon

January Top Voters!

Preston a posted Feb 1, 17
Hello everyone!
  A new month has begun and as usual the votes on the Minecraft top sites have been reset. You can help support the server by voting on each of the websites on the voting page (www.pure-realms.com/vote) or by typing /vote on any of our servers (click each link to go vote). To thank you for supporting Pure Realms you will receive awesome rewards on the server you play on! The top 3 players with the most votes each month will receive a rank upgrade so be sure to vote every day.
The top voters for the month of January are:
1st Place:  JrDev (201 votes) - Rank upgrade or $30 webstore coupon*
2nd Place:  _EpicNight (191 votes) - Rank upgrade or $20 webstore coupon*
3rd Place:   Big_block_B (190 votes) - Rank upgrade or $15 webstore coupon*
*If a player is the highest rank on a server they will be given a webstore coupon instead of a rank upgrade

  Congratulations to our three winners and thank you to all of our players who voted for Pure Realms during the month of January! We are now ranked within the top 200 Minecraft servers in the world, lets keep moving up! The top voters will be sent a message soon! If you do not receive this message please contact pure_realms@aol.com with your Minecraft IGN and a link to your enjin profile or private message one of the Operators on the network.
Thanks for playing on Pure Realms!

- Preston

SuckMe I heard there was a new server opening, can someone direct me to it plz?
ConsLeal Congratulations!

Pure Realms Skyblock Update 1

Park Banned posted Jan 18, 17

Hello Skyblockers!

First I would like to thank you all for playing on Pure Realms Skyblock and making this reset the best one ever! The Pure Realms Executive team was so psyched to see that everyone is enjoying the maps so far! I am very proud and thankful to have the chance to manage this wonderful server, alongside Preston, Sano, Four & Father!

   With these maps, we are going to try to maintain the servers as much as possible, and keep them up to date. Instead of our old traditional style of doing updates, where we wait and update things on big updates/resets, we will begin updating everything as we go, and post weekly/bi-weekly change-logs on the website so you can all stay informed on the progress of Skyblock Black & White. In addition, we are changing up the way we do staff promotions! Previously, there were no set dates for staff promotions, but we will be setting dates for staff to be promoted monthly on the skyblock servers. There will be a staff update for skyblock on the first day of every month, so make sure to apply, be active, and help out! This update will not take effect until Saturday around noon, so be sure to check back often! 

Without further ado, Lets get to the changeling for this week:

+ 10 NEW Islands have formed among the sky world around spawn! 

+ Added /music back! Jam out to some cool music! (Want more songs added? Submit a bug report, and mark it as a suggestion with the song that you want!)

+ Check out the players with the Top 3 islands levels on the Spawn Island

+ View the top 3 richest players on the server at spawn as well!

+ The exclusive Rainbow Hat is now available for purchase in the online shop

+ Two brand new trail packs are also now available for sale - each pack comes with 10 unique trails

+ TONS of bug fixes!

+ Added SPLEEF ISLAND! Go find the island at spawn or go to /warp spleef [skyblock-white only!]

+ Improved staff update system! (There will be a staff update on the first of each month!)

+ Constant additions/fixes, with weekly/bi-weekly update posts, instead of timed updates!

+ Added several new challenges on both skyblock-black and skyblock-white!

+ Added /craft to Ruby rank on skyblock-black!

+ Greg's shop is now open! (Found on Bargain island- you can purchase legendary keys and spawners from him!)

+ Bart & Barkley's shops are now open!  (Found on chicken island, on both black and white!)

+ Added a second KOTH arena to skyblock-black! 

That is all for now, but be sure to check back here often to see if we added anything! We plan to have fairly frequent updates, so I hope that we can keep the progress up and make skyblock even better! As always, please submit bug reports @ pure-realms.com/bugs and we will be sure to take a look and try to fix each and every one of them.

Once again, thank you for playing on Pure Realms Skyblock-

Happy playing!


Pigeonscraft Can we make a new post clarifying what parts of the update are still in effect?
Cat keep up the good work, park
minerKC13 why did the top 3 islands monthly prize get taken off this post?

Hello everyone!

   After sorting through the submissions we were able to decide the winners of the December Build Competition! We paid close attention to the design, color schemes, structures and holiday themed landscapes while judging the submitted builds. The three winners will be receiving a Rank Upgrade on the server of their choice. Pure Realms thanks you for participating in the competition and we look forward to announcing the next one! 

The winners are:

1st Place ($30 webstore coupon or Rank Upgrade): Mergual

2nd Place ($20 webstore coupon or Rank Upgrade): Cliff0428

3rd Place ($10 webstore coupon or Rank Upgrade): Kovukovu1

Congratulations to the winners! Please check your private messages for a coupon code to use on http://pure-realms.com/fbshop - and again, thank you all for participating!

Mergual Ayyy I won gg cliff and kovu your builds were epic c:
Jaan Cliff, I knew you could do it and gg winning with Mergual and Kovu in your way :d
cliff0428 Banned Ayyyy 2nd place!
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