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Forum Rules

Rule #1: Do not advertise
- YouTube channels and other content related to Pure Realms are exempt from this.

Rule #2: No abuse of other members.

Rule #3: No trading of real life items.
- Only the selling of items related to Pure Realms is permitted.
- If you are unsure of whether a trade is allowed, message Preston.

Rule #4: Do not spam.
- You may only 'bump' your thread 24 hours after the last comment.

Rule #5: No links to shock sites.
- This includes, but is not limited to scare sites and pornographic sites. Staff may delete your post if they deem the content inappropriate.

Rule #6: Do not post boost.
- This includes, but is not limited to posting multiple pointless comments on threads.

Rule #7: Do not vote boost.
- This includes, but is not limited to using multiple accounts to gain a higher vote count.

Rule #8: Do not necropost.

*Failure to abide to these rules will result in a permanent or temporary ban from the Forums and Server.*
*These rules are subject to change without notice.*
*It is the responsibility of the player to know and follow all of the rules.*
*Your account is your